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I’m Ellie Anderson, a graduate student in the Philosophy department at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. I study selfhood, subjectivity, and personal identity from a continental perspective, and am also interested in ideology critique, aesthetics, dialectical thought, deconstruction, feminist theory, and phenomenology. I predominantly study 20th century and contemporary thinkers, but have a passion for the history of philosophy in general.

My blog’s title, “Reflect and Repeat,” is meant in a double sense. On the one hand, it indicates a process of continued, repeated reflection. On the other, it means to highlight the dual, paradoxical process of reflection on life characterized by my philosophical pursuits and the repetition of unreflective patterns of behavior in which I am ever caught.

Email: ellenjuneanderson@gmail.com

Instagram: @ellieinlilacs


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jamies says:

    This is a cool blog…I think. I have never actually read anyone’s blog before so…am I reflecting (the nature of 60+ year old fossils) or repeating (behavior of 60+ year old fossils)?
    Jamie Anderson’-father of blogger

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