I need to upload all of me

Just in case you weren’t sure you heard the message of this commercial right, I’ve written it out below:

“The miraculous is everywhere. In our homes, in our minds.
We can share every second in data dressed as pixels.
A billion roaming photojournalists uploading the human experience, and it is spectacular.
So why would you cap that?
My iPhone 5 can see every point of view, every panorama.
The entire gallery of humanity.
I need to upload all of me.
I need– no, I have the right– to be unlimited.”

This is absolutely terrifying. A summation of the ideology of contemporary American society. The replacement of experience with simulacra of experiences. The absurdity of free-market democracy in which “being unlimited” is a RIGHT. In which having unlimited access to taking pictures of my experiences is a RIGHT. Wow.

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One thought on “I need to upload all of me

  1. You hit the nail on the head when you said; “Wow”.

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